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Chocolate shop and factory

Scan the QR-code to order our chocolate, home made by Frédéric our chef and chocolatier.

Carte IGN du tour du lac des Settons disponible à l'accueil.

Une très belle balade à faire à pied, à vélo.

Organize your stay through AREM and choose from a variety of marked equestrian trails throughout the Morvan.

Riders and coaches are welcome, 3 separate paddocks, spacious parking, hay, grain, shower and dry storage room for saddles.

Initiation by Jean-Philippe et Caroline in fly fishing in a pond in the Morvan.

The intention is to allow young and old to get to know fly fishing, a sports activity that can be practiced in many places in the Morvan.

Cascade at Grillons
Cascade at Grillons

Waterfall in the river Cure in the hotel park.

The association "Ma p'tite école" has opened a museum of old village schools of the Morvan.

The ancient city Bibracte was founded by the Gauls at the top of the mountain "Beuvray" at the end of the 2nd century BC.

This fortress (called oppidum by Caesar) had been occupied for centuries. During years of archaeological excavations, large parts of the walls and many user-objects have been uncovered. It has been one of the most characteristic and best preserved Gallic fortresses, exceeding 500 hectares.

Settons dam
Settons dam

Guided tours are offered to the dam of Settons, where among other things, you will visit the "engine room".

During July and August every Tuesday at 11:00.

Reservation via the Tourist Office:
+33 (0) 3 45 23 00 00

The "Maison du Parc" in Saint-Brisson is a complex in which the documentation centre of nature park the Morvan, the museum of the resistance, the eco-museum, a training center, a tourist office with shop and café, are brought together.
On the 100 acres estate you will also find an arboretum, a herbarium and several old orchards.

Surrounded by nature, away from noise and pollution, in the heart of the Morvan is the castle of Ménessaire.

After years of restoration, the castle (XII-XVII century), consisting of a large main house, four round towers and one square tower, has now obtained listed building status.

The peatland of Champgazon is part of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas with its high biodiversity. The area was created at the end of the last ice age and has therefore become a natural archive of 15,000 years.

Peat has built up to a thickness of 3 meters. This wet, spongy soil is formed by decaying plant remains in swamps which have thus been preserved in wet, oxygen-poor conditions. Therefore, it is possible to retrieve from this peat thousands of years old pollen grains of local plants.

Le centre de Tourisme Equestre


vous accueille toute l'année pour des randonnées pour tous les gouts, en liberté, sur un tour du Morvan, en Champagne, en forêt de Fontainebleau, en baie de Somme, en Drôme, Lozère ou ailleurs. Pour des stages de TREC et d'endurance, des week-end, des formations (passage de galops... !!!!) et surtout pour mettre à votre disposition ses chevaux en toute liberté par la location d'une heure, un week-end ou quelques mois !!